John-Leslie Brown

JLB About Me Vertrical

John-Leslie Brown is a phenomenal speaker, personal coach, and a talented songwriter & performer. At a very young age, John-Leslie began studying and learning from the Master Teachers’ of the Personal Growth industry. This rare exposure has given him a unique ability to deliver life changing messages of hope which transcend cultural and generational boundaries.

In 1994 During the funeral of his grandmother Mrs. Mamie Brown, John-Leslie spontaneously spoke of her values and the lessons that she had taught him. Although he was only 10 years old at the time, his speech that day took family & friends by storm. It was then that his Dad, Emmy award winning speaker Les Brown, recognized his son’s profound talent and started grooming John-Leslie to become a servant leader and an intellectual resource.

By the age of 14, John-Leslie became the highest paid teen speaker in America and was already presenting before audiences as large as 20,000. During his teen years, his passion for making a positive global impact also earned him a special invitation to the white house as one of the nation’s top youth leaders.

By the time he reached his early twenties, John-Leslie began sharing the stage and empowering global communities with pioneers in business and entertainment such as ICE-Cube KRS-ONE, Gladys Knight, the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, T.D. Jakes and Bob Proctor.

Today John-Leslie Brown, is still speaking internationally, literally blowing audiences away with his concise but timeless message that “Hope Moves Us Forward” which is also the lead single from an empowering Hip Hop music album produced by Bam Alexander of the production supergroup 1500 or nothin.

With over 300 transformational songs in his arsenal and his professional experience of having given over 3000 inspirational speeches, over the next 30 years John-Leslie has 3 major goals.

The first goal is to raise the consciousness of a whole generation by blending the power of music and motivational principal’s. His second goal is to motivate and train new leaders in various sectors of private industry and public service. And His final goal and perhaps the most important one in his heart is to leave a timeless legacy for his two year old son Honor Pheonix Brown. According to John-Leslie Brown “Parenthood is the highest form of leadership.”